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The training program range of studies which are useful in understanding people in the workplace. It examines the concept of management within the global business environment and through the appraisal of business cases, a variety of approaches are considered.
The unit prepares individuals for their likely future roles as managers in organisations. It encourages them to synthesize knowledge and experience gained in other units by considering competing perspectives on the nature of management. It encourages them to reflect upon the contribution that they might make as individuals to the management process, and to explore their own skills as potential managers, within the context of their peer group. The program touches practical, moral and ethical dimensions of the management role and examines the key problems and dilemmas that may emerge for stakeholders in contemporary organisations.

This program aims to:

• Provide a comprehensive introduction to the key elements of the business organisation, and to competing theories and models of the firm and its environment, and to provide a critical perspective on the main functional areas of management
• Build a foundation of knowledge on the different theoretical approaches to management and decision making
• Develop analytical skills to identify the links between the functional areas in management, organisations, management practices and the business environment.

Project management emerged because of the growing demand for complex, sophisticated, customized goods and services and the exponential expansion of human knowledge. The former depends on the integration of product design with production / distribution and the
latter allows a number of academic disciplines to contribute to the development of goods and services. Project Management is a set of principles, methods and techniques for effective planning of objective-oriented work, thereby establishing a sound basis for effective scheduling, controlling and re-planning in the management of programs and projects.

This program aims to:
• Project breakdown into tasks and subtasks
• Finding interdependencies between the tasks
• Allocating resources, human and material and smoothing resources
• Estimation for total project duration and budget
• Monitoring more efficiently project progress