Advisory Services

Advisory Services: In assessing your business, you may think that your business requires a face lift, or your competition is gaining greater market share than you.  A business advisor can provide guidance on high-level issues and business strategies like expanding your market, business strategy, human resource development etc.  In doing so, a consultant will assess your business and provide recommendations to improve your operations, which would uncover issues/gaps that may be affecting business operation and profit maximization.

Service Quality Training

Service Quality Training: Recognizing the competitive business environment that currently exists in the Caribbean, business establishments are at risk of suffering losses due to reduced sales by fewer customer visits. It has been proven that the delivery of excellence in customer service creates satisfied customers who are converted to loyal customers from whom more sales, and ultimately profits will come. Loyal customers in turn become advocates, creating word of mouth advertising of the customer experience they’ve received. Employees become happier at work thereby reducing staff turnover and improving team work resulting in less recruitment cost.  The specific objective of Service Quality clinic is to create awareness of Customer Service and Service Excellence through training and certification of groups of service providers within the Private Sector.   We also provide training in tourism, project management, event management and entrepreneurship.