Giving Back

We continue to give back to the good folks of our community.

Collaborated alongside Champions of Change


This launch was a collaborated effort to support a (13) thirteen year old young man, Christopher Boucher. This young man is suffering with a perforating compel laceration to his left eye and to help support his surgery to be successful Champions of Change appealed to the public for their assistance.


On a whole, this was a wonderful and great event. To get public of Guyana to give a helping hand was not easy but a productive one, a thank you to the general public. Having the nursing team there to have the general public come and check their blood pressure was another plus to encourage  people to stop and listen to the information being shared on a personal and professional basis.
All in all, it was a wonderful exercise. Most of all a learning one. The Audience, information to pitch, appearance, readable/audio information (materials), and even support to the crew,  will result to a better response or feedback in the future.
Thank you Champions of Change for their invite and a wondrous experience!