About Us

To assist organizations and new startups develop excellence in business, events and project management; as well as to provide excellence in service quality mentorship and training

Organizational Structure and Leadership

​Cerulean, Inc. is managed by Lyndell Danzie-Black. Ms. Danzie-Black, is a Global Event and Project Manager with over 25 years of combined experience. Lyndell has held various positions, most recently the regional coordinator at the Caribbean Centre for Organizational Excellence. She managed a CARICOM project on the redevelopment and reconstruction of Haiti and she has lectured at the University of Guyana, in the areas of Private Sector Environment, Project Design, World Tourism and Tourism Dissertation. Lyndell continues to play a pivotal role in the mentoring of entrepreneurial development having successfully monitored and evaluated several Microfinance Entrepreneurial Projects, to result in impressive and profitable new enterprises.

How Do Our Business Consultants Work?

​Our business consultants are professional who analyzes businesses, creates workable solutions to problems, and helps businesses develop efficient plans for meeting their goals. What happens when business owners or heads of organizations require a new perspective on a chosen direction? General advice may be given, from theorists, industry advice bureaus, however in order to truly assist businesses, intricate knowledge of that business is required. Our Business consultants take time to get to know your business and then helps the business owner meet his objectives.